Thoughts on the Mega-Tutorial

Sat Jul 27 2019

ashim dsilva on unsplash

This week I spent some time going through Miguel Grinberg's "Mega-Tutorial". I have to say that it's a pretty comprehensive introduction to the Flask ecosystem. It really does give a broad coverage of what you can do with Flask and all the libraries commonly associated with it. He covers working with SQL-Alchemy through the Flask-SQLAlchemy extension as an ORM, Flask-WTF for forms, Flask-Login for login state, etc. Going through the tutorial to create a Twitter clone is a good way to check out how you would do pretty much the exact same work in creating another CRUD application.

This is probably THE tutorial to do to learn Flask, though the official tutorial is also good as well. There is a missing piece that some Redditors keep wanting, a tutorial on how to do OAuth in Flask. Well, Miguel has a blog post on that (though it is a bit dated). From what I can see, the current standard for OAuth is to use Authlib with Flask.

I actually found Flask a very productive framework to build a crud application.

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