Update on *MY* Most Productive Stack

April 6, 2021

I've started a little late on those pesky new years resolutions. So late in fact, that I'd forgotten what I have for them exactly. No matter, one thing I know I need to start doing is blogging.


I sometimes get caught up with too much fiddling with my blog set up, but that should be no excuse not to publish a few posts every week. Since I started watching @aliabdaal's YouTube channel, I KNOW that I should start documenting what I work on everyday. And even if I fiddle about with my NuxtJS blog setup, I should still write a post about my fiddling, you know, "document, not create".


Since I started to trade options for an income, I wanted to build personalized tools that help me with tracking and analyzing my trades. And probably the most important is writing about all I learn while doing it. At this point, nothing is up at Grok the Greeks, but I anticipate blog posts around options trading along with tools for tracking trades, trade journaling, and analyzing options plays. I will build this with the Phoenix framework for Elixir, mostly because I've been learning it, but it's also definitely well suited for the problem when I integrate the tools with my brokerage and/or data feed(s). Also, it doesn't hurt that @balajis has a vote of confidence in the language.


Lastly, after working with Laravel in a client project, I started looking for something like that using TypeScript, and I've found it with AdonisJS. I have a site that is just a collection of tools for my freelance consulting business that just requires a simple CRUD app, and what better way to manage it than to use AdonisJS for it. I don't imagine needing to scale this app, so I don't feel I need to even wait for AdonisJS 5.0 to reach beta for me to start using.


Obviously this list represents my biased opinions about what will be MY most productive stack. I've spent the last 8 years working mostly in JavaScript/TypeScript, so it's the tool I instinctively reach for whenever I need to get something done that doesn't need any heavier numerical computing libs (for that, I reach for Python). Hopefully this is a good starting point for me to document my work for the rest of the year.


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