Time to Up My Python Game

April 30, 2020

I wanted to get back to the reason I started to code in the first place, my love of data.

Because of that, I wanted to put together a plan to become an expert at Python.

After about 5 years of pretty much writing JavaScript/TypeScript everyday, I feel fairly comfortable.

Python really has a the benefit of a huge and varied ecosystem and lots of libraries.

Because of this, I wanted to put together a reading list of books that will make me a better Pythonista.

This list is just from a cursory search of Safari.

  • Python for Programmers
  • Effective Python
  • Fluent Python
  • High Performance Python
  • Using Asyncio in Python
  • Serious Python
  • Practices of the Python Pro
  • Web Scraping with Python

I wanted some books that weren't aimed at beginners, but for someone that maybe already had some Python experience and just wanted to up their game.

There are some beginner books that actually seem quite interesting, like Automate the Boring Stuff. Rather than go through things like how to write for loops, etc., the main subject matter is to do something productive with Python as a tool, which I like.

After doing a bit of scanning of the contents, I have ordered the books with specific chapters to focus on.


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