Transitioning to Nuxt

September 23, 2020

After a bit of flailing about with my blog, I've decided to start a new one and transition everything into a new codebase. I'll still be using a static site, but I'm going to start off with NuxtJS. Nuxt has definitely improved with the availability of plugins/modules since I first started using it. My old Gatsby site will go into retirement.

Hopefully Google will still be able for find me through 301 Redirects since I've also decided to slightly modify the structure of my routes. Everything I've written in the past will redirect to the posts path. I want to start writing more fully-formed tutorial articles that will live in the articles path.

These new articles will reflect my transition from doing mostly front end work to more full stack. You can probably look forward to some articles on Vue in addition to my prior focus on React. I've also branched out to Elixir and Phoenix, so you'll probably see some things on those topics. Obviously, my love for TypeScript is still there as I still prefer to write in TypeScript over plain JavaScript. I think of it as placing guardrails around me while I perform dangerous acts.

I've also started to trade options the past few months. It's been a ride because of the volatility in the equity markets recently. I also intend to keep a trade log, but I'd like to keep that stuff separate. While I think there maybe people who find both programming/development and trading interesting, I don't know if there's a big enough overlap to keep everything here. It will also keep my head-space for these activities a bit more separated.

Thanks for reading so far. If you have anything that you think I can be of help with, let me know.


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