Python Web Frameworks: A Survey

July 15, 2019

In the coming days (or weeks), I'm planning to do a survey of the most popular Python web development frameworks by building out the same project in each of the following: Flask, Starlette, Pyramid, and Django. With just a cursory glance, some frameworks seem rather similar. The API for Flask and Starlette are quite similar. Starlette seems to "include batteries" while Flask is "accessories sold separately". The big daddy of them all is Django, which includes the kitchen sink. Pyramid is something I'm less familiar with, but seems to market itself as the in between framework: good for both small and large projects by being simple to implement but easy to expand as the app gets bigger.

I'm looking forward to doing this, since I've made it a personal goal to work more with Python because of the large range of libraries available. Other than for my current consulting engagements, I'll use Python for most of my personal projects. This exercise will make me much more well informed about the Python web development ecosystem.



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