Accepting WeChat Pay Through Stripe

Wed Nov 27 2019

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

I have nothing but good things to say about Stripe. For my freelancing business, I used Stripe (through Bonsai, which is also great), but recently, a client of mine had trouble paying my invoice with a credit card.

The problem was that he had a credit card issued in China.

I can remember the trouble I had when traveling to visit my friend in Shanghai. I wasn't able to use my Chase Sapphire card anywhere. Even though the store said they took credit card, in reality I couldn't pay for anything without cash.

Well, my problems seem to be solved with Stripe. They offer Alipay and WeChat Pay. I just had to build on top of their API to use it. I wouldn't say that the implementation was completely straight-forward, but it was definitely simpler than directly interfacing with the Alipay and WeChat Pay APIs.

In the future I'll post a tutorial on how I did it.

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